Dining & Provision


Everything we consume has a story. In combining the restaurant and the market, we are better able to deliver that story. Many of the products available in our market – the charcuterie, the cheese, the spices, the jams, the confit, etc – are used to create the dishes served in the restaurant, relaying the origins of the components in a dish. Our open kitchen concept peels back the curtain to show exactly how these components are used to create the finished product, providing the full narrative from farm to table.


our current menus

Offering Chef Alex Seidel’s signature take on elevated comfort food, the restaurant follows in the footsteps of the award-winning Fruition Restaurant, creating seasonally-inspired dishes and serving them in a casual dining atmosphere. Learn more.


our provisions

Our European-style market focuses on seasonal goods from a hand-selected ensemble of the country’s best artisans. From the spices to the charcuterie, from the canned and preserved goods to the full service coffee bar, everything in the market is produced by craftsmen with the utmost respect for their product. Learn more.


our refreshments

We draw inspiration from our surroundings. Implementing culinary techniques used in the kitchen and ingredients found in the market, we’ve created a rotating menu of handcrafted cocktails to complement the flavors inherent to the changing seasons Learn more.

mercantile mercantile


The market at Mercantile features many items, such as pickled produce, fruit spreads, pastries, and dairy products like fresh yogurts and cheeses. All of our items are sourced directly from Fruition Farms and other local sellers, taking an unprecedented step toward transparency in food sourcing.